Democracy Vouchers

I am excited to participate in the Democracy Voucher Program. This means I won’t take any donation above $250. I will also not accept donations from for-profit corporations and their PACs, as I am only interested in representing YOU.

We have collected the required number of signatures and donations, and are now waiting for the qualifying process to finish.

Democracy Vouchers

How do I donate my voucher?


Head to the Democracy Voucher Program Online Portal to create an account and assign your Democracy Vouchers.

By Mail

You should have your democracy vouchers soon. If you want to donate your vouchers to our campaign, write “Tammy Morales” in the space shown, put it in the envelope it came with, and mail it without a stamp. You can donate all your vouchers for one candidate or divide them between multiple candidates.

How to fill out Democracy Vouchers

How do I get my vouchers?

Democracy Vouchers are mailed to Seattle registered voters, newly registered Seattle voters, and those who apply to the program. If you are not a registered voter, contact Seattle Ethics and Elections at to apply to receive Democracy Vouchers. If you have lost your vouchers, contact Seattle Ethics and Elections for replacements. Or you can email us at