Tammy's vision for District 2

The first principle of my candidacy will be to represent YOU in City Hall.  As the campaign progresses, we’ll be listening to residents, workers, activists and employers in the district and developing a platform that best serves the community.

There are a few things I believe are critical to making our District and our City a place where working families can thrive:

  • Center racial equity to ensure that we end displacement and over-policing of communities of color
  • Invest in creating new childcare facilities to increase access and affordability for working families so parents can go to work
  • More senior housing and low-income housing options for our growing population, so people can continue to live in the communities they know and have social connections with the broader community around them
  • Ensure a permanent source of funding for the Equitable Development to provide communities of color with access to capital and support to advance the kinds of projects that serve our communities best and will allow them to thrive
  • Stop criminalizing homelessness and focus resources on prevention and stabilization.